Change recommender's waiver option


If you did not initially waive your right to view a recommendation letter and wish to do so after submitting the recommendation request, you can edit your waiver by logging into your user activity page:

Next to the recommender you intend to edit, click on the "Action" button on the right column of the page and click "Edit Waiver". 

Please note that if the status of your recommendation is "In progress" you will not be able to edit your waiver unless we reset the recommendation form to "Not started". Performing this kind of reset clears any information your recommender has entered up to this point. In order to reset the form, we will need approval from your recommender.  Please have them email us (using the email address linked to their Letters of Recommendation account) with a reset request at

If your recommenders have already submitted the forms and their status reads “Completed!” you will not be able to waive your right at this time.

It is also not possible to edit a waiver from “Yes” to “No” after submitting your recommendation request.

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