Trouble entering school information



You may find that some of the school fields are locked on the page for entering your educational history. This is because the form requires you use the school search button when entering in school information. If you are having trouble locating your school using the school search feature, there are a few guidelines you can follow.

Usually setting a more general search will generate better results. For example, try selecting only the state in which your school is located and then scroll through the alphabetical results to find it in the list.

We get our school list from an outside source, and the form does not allow special characters. If you are still unable to locate your school within a broader search, we suggest running a search and then choosing “none of the above” at the bottom of the results list. You will then be returned to the form, where you’ll need to manually replace “NOT FOUND” with the name of your school, replace any ?? entries with the appropriate data, or enter NA in the state field if it is outside of the United States.

If your school is located outside of the US, or if you were home schooled, there should be a link at the bottom of the school search feature with specific instructions for entering your school.

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