Application Status


Once you have submitted your application, you can check the form's status by logging in to your user activity page. This is accessible through the following URL:

After logging in, click on the View Details button for your application to display the form’s status.


As ApplyWeb is simply an online application provider not a part of the school itself, the View Details section will only display whether or not the form and payment were successfully submitted to the school.

Application forms that have been successfully submitted will have a status of either "Payment accepted, form submitted successfully" or in cases where the fee was waived, "Form Submitted Successfully."


Some schools will also post a Checklist to your ApplyWeb account where you can view information on your supplementary materials and admissions status. If the school you have applied to posts this information, it will be available via a View Checklist button.


Not all schools post Checklists, so if there is no Checklist on your account and the information you are looking for is not available within the drop-down information for a particular application, you will need to contact the admissions office directly if you would like further information on your submitted application. Their contact details can be found on the school's website.

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