General Information on Fee Waivers


The online form can only be submitted using one of the payment methods provided, unless there is a fee waiver option offered by the school.

If you have a fee waiver, the school should accept your application without payment. Depending on the school you are applying to, you may see one of several different kinds of fee waivers in your application, but all of them have the same end result: they allow you to complete your application and submit it without entering any payment information (such as a credit card number).

In some cases, you will need to enter a waiver code into the form, and the application fee will then be changed to $0. In other cases, the waiver is automatic, and you won't see any fee at all. You may also have the option to submit a fee waiver request from the payment page of your application. If you submit a fee waiver request, the school will review your request and let you know whether they accepted or denied it, and send a message letting you know either way. If your request was denied, you'll need to submit payment before your application is officially submitted.

Keep in mind that ApplyWeb is not part of the school which you are applying to, so we're unable to provide fee waivers to applicants. You'll need to contact the school directly for more information on any fee waivers they may offer.

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