Forgot Username/Password


The ApplyWeb system uses the email address you entered when you created your account as your username, unless you have changed your account email since then. You can use the following link to recover a forgotten ApplyWeb account and/or password:

If copy/pasting your email and password doesn't work, please carefully enter these credentials in manually, as copy/pasting within some web browsers may inadvertently add a leading or trailing space to your entry that our system will recognize as a character.

If none of the above works, it's possible that you are trying to access a page that is not part of the ApplyWeb system. If the address of the page starts with something other than or then it is probably part of the school's internal systems and your ApplyWeb username and password will not be valid for log-in. You'll want to contact the school directly for help accessing their system. Their contact information can be found on their website.

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