Verification Link Not Arriving


If the email containing the verification link has not been delivered to your inbox, it should be in your Spam or Junk folder. If the message is also not reaching your Spam or Junk folder and you are certain that your email has been entered correctly, it is likely that an email service filter is blocking it. You should see if you can manually adjust your spam filters allow our verification messages from through to your inbox.

In the case of institutional email addresses, messages from our system can be blocked by institutional filters. When an email is being blocked by an institution, your best options are either to use a different email address that is not associated with the institution, such as a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account, or to see if your IT staff can allow our verification messages through.

To avoid any possible confusion as to the most recent link, be sure to remove any verification messages that have been sent to you thus far before returning to the verification page.

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