Verification Link Arrived but Isn't Working


When you receive the verification email from our system, follow the verification link included in the message to verify your email address. If you are unable to click the link, you can copy and paste it into your browser's address bar to reach the verification page.

If you receive an error message (such as "The provided verification code could not be found") the link you are using may no longer be valid. Each link sent by the system replaces the previous link. As the page that talks about verification automatically sends one when you reach it, one thing we sometimes see causing confusion is clicking the button to request a code right when reaching the page. This leads to two links being sent almost immediately, and attempting to use the first link will not work because the second one will have replaced it.

To ensure that you have the most recent code, remove any emails with codes that you have already received. Then return to the verification page and do not click to generate a code; instead watch your email for the one that was automatically generated to arrive.

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